Likely many a person coming to New York City with a dream, Ashley Alexandra Dupre, also known as Governor Spitzer’s February 13 call girl “Kristen,” wanted to be famous. But did she want to be infamous enough to be on the cover of the NY Post as a “BAD GIRL”? And how bad can she be, if she has a tattoo of a cross on her right hand? In addition to the photo on the cover of The Post, they have several more photos of the girl who brought Spitzer down.

The Post reports that even though the 22-year-old (or not) Dupre had a number of trysts with Spitzer (who called himself “George Fox”), she didn’t realize he was the Steamroller until after the February 13th meeting. She allegedly said, “Oh, my God! Do you know who this guy is?” Dupre became involved with the Emperors Club after seeing an ad (wanted: girls to “party” with rich dudes). She had been working as a cocktail waitress at bars like Viscaya, Pink Elephant and Reto.

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