Attorneys at The Blanch Law Firm have extensive experience in litigating health care controversies on behalf of entities such as representing medical facilities, physicians, and organizations. Our firm also has experience in areas of corporate compliance programs, and medical billing audits, and internal investigations.

Healthcare professionals are subject to some of the most stringent regulations in the country, being affected by both Federal and state laws. This can leave medical professional centers open to multiple forms of liability, including criminal liability. Some of the most common crimes involve criminal healthcare fraud, where they engage in fraudulent billing practices to receive unearned funds.

In order to for the government to prosecute any crime, the government must prove that the person had the intent to commit the crime. The most common defense to health care fraud allegations is that the person did not have the intent to commit the crime. If it was unintentional then the person is not guilty.

We are able to assist in any DEA Investigations and Audits,  Medicare Audits, and Medicaid Audits. An experienced health care defense attorney can help you navigate any of these serious charges.

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