The complex commercial litigation team at The Blanch Law Firm aggressively represents companies involved in antitrust litigation as well as trade regulation litigation. Our results-driven approach to white-collar defense involves assigning multiple members of our commercial litigation attorney team to every case. This assures a 360-degree view of the antitrust or trade regulation matter, as well as the best results possible for our clients.

The Blanch Law Firm specializes in high profile and “bet the company” white-collar cases. Our senior attorney possesses a unique skill in defending against government investigations, and our commercial litigation attorney team has a successful track record of defending clients in antitrust matters. For example, our client worked for a major medical supply company and was under investigation for possible bid rigging and antitrust violations.

The Blanch Law firm was able to deal with the investigation in a manner that prevented the arrest and criminal prosecution of our client. The Blanch Law Firm represented two multi-billion dollar companies in criminal and quasi-criminal litigation, which were unrelated cases involving allegations of international antitrust violations in one instance and cross-border corporate wrongdoing allegations in another. Also, we have recently been featured on Page 6 of the NY Post for our representation of a current television celebrity and model.

The arena of trade regulation has changed dramatically since the Obama administration took over, and the Department of Justice has a renewed focus on antitrust litigation. The Blanch Law Firm’s senior litigation attorney team has kept up to date with all the new trade regulation legislation and closely monitors all federal antitrust cases. Our Skilled Litigators possess unique backgrounds, many of them having served for years in District Attorneys’ Offices. This allows us to understand government investigations, white-collar crime and prosecution tactics as few other firms can.

If you are currently facing antitrust litigation, a government investigation, trade regulation litigation or a similar legal challenge, contact the antitrust attorney team at The Blanch Law Firm today. Our highly skilled antitrust litigation team will sit down with you review your case and devise a comprehensive defense strategy. Contact The Blanch Law Firm today by calling 212-736-3900 or to arrange an initial consultation.

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