Extortion is an extremely serious white collar crime that carries with it severe jail time and heavy fines if convicted. The Blanch Law Firm defends individuals charged with extortion, and our track record with this and other types of White Collar Crime is stellar. Our results driven approach to criminal defense involves assigning multiple members of our white collar attorney team to any case, assuring a comprehensive defense and the best outcome possible.

At The Blanch Law Firm, our measure of success depends upon case results and the freedom of our clients. Whether we are defending our client from charges brought by the Federal Bureau of Investigation or some other government agency, we invest time, energy and other resources to an unprecedented level. This dedication to the well being of everyone we serve has helped our clients stay out of prison and free from heavy fines. For example, our experience with white collar cases includes: Our Client was under investigation for overbilling Medicaid an estimated $2.1 million. If they were indicted for mail fraud as a result of this investigation they could have faced up to 20 years in jail. Also, any criminal conviction could have guaranteed that the defendant would never be able to practice medicine again. As a result of the efforts of the attorneys at The Blanch Law Firm, the investigation was closed and our Client was never arrested or indicted. Our client was accused of embezzling an amount that was valued at over $50,000 but less than $1 million dollars from their employer. After the attorneys for the government finished with a meeting with the attorneys at The Blanch Law Firm, the personally apologized to our client and all criminal charges were dropped.

Extortion can include charges of blackmail, bribery, ransom and other felony crimes. Under both federal and state laws, extortion convictions can lead to a 20-year prison sentence. Extortion could also lead to fines over $10,000, long probation periods and restitution for the victims. At The Blanch Law Firm, our white collar attorney team has extensive experience handling criminal defense cases, which includes cases involving extortion and Related Crimes. A qualified extortion defense firm could be the difference between a lengthy prison sentence and an acquittal.

If you are facing extortion charges, or if you are facing a government investigation into extortion, Contact The Blanch Law Firm today at 212-736-3900 to speak with a member of our white collar attorney team.