Our criminal defense firm is experienced in handling complex government investigations for our corporate clientele, including DOJ and SEC investigations surrounding suspected violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Recent successful representations include a Telecommunications Company investigated for alleged kickbacks tendered abroad. Ryan Blanch, in addition to his firm’s impressive roster of corporate clientele, has appeared on BBC News to provide his insight into the government’s ever-widenening probe into foreign corporate activity. He recently appeared on BBC news to comment on the federal governments case against Daimler Chrysler involving allegations of corrupt business practices including FCPA violations.

As the economy has grown more global, white collar crime litigation and defense of DOJ and SEC investigations has become more complex. At The Blanch Law Firm, our criminal litigators possess a sophisticated understanding of the laws governing international commerce, including the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). This law, and related international laws, has increased in its intricacy and scope over the years, and our criminal defense attorney team has stayed up to speed the entire time. Recent clients include a Telecommunications (Telecomm) provider investigated for alleged foreign kickbacks designed to obtain favorable telecom contracts. After over 3 years of defending the investigation the government has gone silent for over 2 years.

FCPA laws and FCPA charges require the trained eye of a top-notch white collar criminal lawyer with experience of navigating the terrain of top level government investigations. The Blanch Law Firm is able to offer these services to any company involved in FCPA proceedings. Watchdog Groups, whistle blowers and other challenges confront international business operations on a daily basis, and highly qualified litigators are needed to protect your operations. Penalties for violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, include: A company can be fined up to $2 million per violation of the anti-bribery provisions An individual can be fined up to $250,000 per violation and face up to five years in prison Most severe of all, a violation of the “Books and Records” and “Internal Control” provisions can lead to a $25 million fine for a company, and for an individual, a $5 million criminal fine and up to 20 years in jail

To speak with one of our commercial litigators regarding FCPA proceedings, Contact The Blanch Law Firm today at 212-736-3900. Our skill with complex criminal litigation and white collar investigations is an asset that can benefit any company operating under the DOJ’s watchful eye.