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The Blanch Law Firm’s criminal trial strategy is unique in that we dedicate a team of criminal defense lawyers to every major crime we defend.  Utilizing this strategy, the firm’s achievements in the field of criminal defense are noteworthy. We have secured dismissals of numerous high profile cases and serious felony charges in Federal and State criminal courts. Our cases include charges encompassing international financial crimes, to Homicide to Wire Fraud to Narcotics Trafficking, to Tax Evasion, to money laundering to securities violations to so-called crime cartels involving alleged medicaid, medicare and insurance fraud organizations, gambling rings, prostitution rings, conspiracy to export stolen vehicles as well as other crimes in and around New York and having their locusts worldwide.  See some of our Client Testimonials.

Specific Criminal Cases:
The Firm was recently involved in the Federal criminal investigation alleging former Governor Elliot Spitzer’s association with a prostitution ring known as Emperor’s Club VIP. No criminal charges were filed against our client.

BLF has represented two multi-billion dollar companies in current criminal and quasi-criminal litigation, which are unrelated cases involving allegations of international anti-trust violations in one instance and allegations of cross-border corporate wrongdoing in another.  We have recently been featured in Page 6 of the NY Post for our representation of a current television celebrity and model.  That case was dismissed and our client acquitted of all charges.

At the end of 2007 The Blanch Law Firm again made the papers when our client, accused of attempted murder of two police officers who had been shot at close range with shot gun, was declared “Not Responsible” under what is also known as the insanity defense.

Our Criminal Attorneys:
Our firm’s Criminal Defense lawyers focus on defending major felonies, White Collar Crimes, complex drug crimes and criminal trials.  Our defense model is best suited to defending against large or high profile criminal cases.  This is because we typically assign 5 Attorneys to every case and assume a time intensive effort will be required.

Criminal attorney and founder of the firm Ryan Blanch, personally oversees and strategizes the defense of every client’s criminal case.  Our case management model is such that every attorney here is constantly aware of the most up to date developments in every case.  This allows our criminal defense team to operate as “one brain” in connection with the defense of our client’s case.

Our criminal firm has personally handled and obtained winning results for criminal cases involving money laundering, tax evasion, drug trafficking, weapons possession, attempted murder, enterprise corruption, gambling promotion, insurance fraud, sex crimes, violent crimes, felony assaults and a litany of criminal charges.  We focus largely on federal charges and defending our clients against alleged crimes in federal court.  This is typically more difficult and time consuming than defending criminal charges in new york state criminal court.  This is because the federal government typically has greater resources with which to investigate crimes before making an arrest.

Federal Crimes are often white collar in nature and often include various theories of fraud, including wire fraud and mail fraud, RICO and organized crime.  However, a NY state crime can quickly convert to federal jurisdiction if the crime occurs over two states.  For example, an assault occurring in New York City can turn into federal kidnapping charges where the defendant allegedly transports the victim over state lines.  Most top rated federal defense lawyers can also handle state criminal cases with equal ability.  The same is not always true of lawyers practicing criminal law only in New York state court who are confronted with their first foray into the federal system.

Our criminal law attorneys have a range of relevant experience and come from a variety of backgrounds, each adding something new to the firms arsenal of defense strategies and tools.  Specifically, we represent a broad gamut of criminal justice backgrounds, such as boutique trial advocates to big firm attorneys to former district attorneys / prosecutors to upstate criminal defense lawyers.  We primarily defend clients from Criminal Charges in New York, Manhattan, NYC, Bronx, Brooklyn Kings County, Queens County, Staten Island, Long Island, Westchester, Scarsdale,  New York City.  We also handle serious criminal cases in and around Buffalo, Albany, Binghampton, Upstate New York, Bath and Steuben County.  We defend against criminal charges in New York State Criminal Court and Federal Court, primarily in the Southern District of New York’s criminal court and the Eastern District of New York, located in Brooklyn.

The firm is currently handing a murder case in Alabama and has represented clients in Los Angeles, California, Maryland, Washington D.C., Houston and Chicago.  While the firms attorneys are admitted to practice only in New York, in criminal cases we are able to represent clients through a Pro Hac Vice motion with minimal assistance from local criminal counsel.

Whether you are seeking to hire the most famous criminal lawyer in the state of NY or the best criminal trial attorney in the country, you will want to focus your search on qualified, experienced criminal defense attorneys.  Fame alone does not qualify a criminal attorney.  Nor do rankings of the so called “best” criminal attorneys.  Many criminal lawyers become famous because of one high profile case.  Many of the so called best criminal justice lawyers are so ranked because of political efforts to persuade colleagues to vote for them in magazine polls.  In the end you need a lawyer or firm that understands your case.  Has experience representing clients accused of similar crimes and has proven results.  We have represented clients in famous, high profile cases and have seen our fair share of news mentioning our firm.  We have been in the news as so called “expert criminal law commentators.”  That is a title the media creates to bolster their headlines.  Nor is it possible to find the “best criminal lawyer in the country.”  You can only find a qualified criminal defense attorney that is best suited for your and for defending you from the crimes of which you are accused. Our lead criminal attorney has been featured in Super Lawyers, and received accolades from rating agencies such as Top Rated Criminal Attorneys and selected to the Top 100 Trial Attorneys by a criminal defense association.  But that is not what makes us great.  All that matters are our results and our client’s well being.  These are often reflected in our client testimonials.

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